Chad Cracraft

Pastor Chad Cracraft was raised in the small town of Crandon, WI. He grew up loving the outdoors and wrestling. During college, he was told that either he was going to continue to live his life for himself and his sin or Jesus, and he chose to pursue Jesus. Shortly after, his then-girlfriend and now wife, Christine, surrendered her life to Jesus also. It wasn't long until Chad felt the call to ministry. In December 2014, God called him to this area to become the new pastor of House of Hope Church.


Dennis Kelleher


Dave Huray


Bobby Thomas


John Theien

Elder Team

Jesus is the Chief Shepherd of our church. The Bible is the ultimate authority. Through the Bible, Jesus has called elders to sacrificially lead, love, and exercise biblical oversight of the church. Our elder team is merely undershepherds pointing people to Jesus. 

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